As some of the walkers know, on the walk of Thursday 11 July, Jinks, Nigel and Kate's dog, unexpectedly ran through a hedge and into a road; where upon she was immediately hit by a car. It sounded like the car had hit a tree! Although badly hurt, she was alive and was rushed to the vets. In Nigel's words:

"Our own vet put her on a drip (for shock), and gave her an X-ray and painkillers The upshot is that she has a cut over one eye, has bitten half through her tongue, and loosened a tooth (none of which are problematic or dangerous) She also has a small depressed fracture of the front of the skull, which is not particularly dangerous - it's like us breaking our nose.

The dangerous thing is she has a displaced two vertibrae at the base of her tail which, if left untreated, could, worst case, paralyse her.

So she was referred to a (fortunately local) Vet Hospital which is a bit like Noel Fitzpatrick's as on TV if you've ever watched it. The initial signs are good, she can still walk (stagger) about, and the reflexes are still there. Apparently in most dogs the spinal cord stops at about vertebra 6 and her displacement is 6 and 7. She has had a CAT scan and today an MRI scan, and the news is relatively good. The vertebrae have moved back in place, her spinal cord stops at V6 so the necessity for surgery is receding. Whatever, the cost is telephone numbers!

All being well she could be home on Thursday, but cage rest for 6 weeks, she's going to hate that."

Update: 7 Aug 19
She is doing incredibly well. All the scars have healed and there are no visible signs of damage left. She is keeping very quiet, and we have to do quite a lot of physiotherapy. She is becoming much more like her old self, although walking very slowly and carefully. She went down some steps today, but didn't fancy coming up. The vet's estimate of 6 weeks looks about right.

Jinks is now well recovered and did a full walk with us around Swan Bottom on 19th September 2019.


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